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Steven Bellosguardo, a third-generation stonemason whose sculpture and installation practice questions cycles and modes of im/permanence within the urban built environment, has collected and reworked found materials during a daily walking practice that culminates along the Merri Merri Creek. Idiosyncratically stamped with the coordinates of where the various material components, from organic matter to a hub cap and road reflector, have been gathered, Steven’s bricolage of a bird basin is complete with the sprouting of new life in the form of rouge plant shoots. Eloquently constructed to resemble a precarious pylon, Birdbath in Space (2021) is reminiscent of so much high-density urban infrastructure going up around us, whilst being a humble call to arms for the need for communion amongst the wreckage.

Abbra Kotlarczyk, Of Freighted Specs, of Bio Dwellings, 2021

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